Basic DBS


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Unlike Standard or Enhanced Checks, which are DBS checks for organisations, the Basic DBS Check can be requested by anybody for any purpose.
Basic Disclosures reveal the unspent convictions, final warnings, and reprimands from the Police National Computer (PNC), allowing you to make safer recruitment decisions.

The Information Needed for a Basic DBS Check:

To apply for a Basic DBS Check, you will need your, or your candidate's:

Full, current name and any previous full names.

Date and place of birth.

Identification Documents, such as a passport, drivers licence or birth certificate. Read more about the documents here.

Address history for the previous five years.

National Insurance number (if one is available).

Written consent, giving you the right to process the application on a candidate's behalf.

How Long Does a Basic DBS Certificate last?

As with any DBS Certificate, there is no expiry date. It is rather a snapshot of the information the Police National Computer at the moment the check is done. Anything which happens after the production of the certificate is not shown. As a result, an organisation must decide on its individual DBS renewal policy.

What Can a Basic DBS Certificate be Used For?

There are many things a Basic DBS Check can be used for. Below are some of the more common uses:

For an individuals work.

Additional support for a job application.

Visa applications (for UK nationals).

Giving people peace of mind.

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